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Tan Sri Abdul Farid Alias

KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia Bhd has appointed Tan Sri Abdul Farid Alias as an independent non-executive director effective July 8.

Prior to his appointment, Farid, 54 was the executive director/ group president and chief executive officer of Malayan Banking Bhd from August 2013 to April 2022.


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“A seasoned chartered banker, Farid brings to the Board over 30 years of investment banking and capital markets credentials,” Bursa said in a statement.

Farid has served various merchants and investment banks that include Aseambankers Malaysia Berhad, Schroders Malaysia, Malaysia International Merchant Bankers Berhad and JP Morgan.

Farid holds a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Accounting from the Pennsylvania State University and an MBA in Finance from the University of Denver. He has attended Advanced Management Program by Harvard Business School.

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    In addition, the group incurred substantial losses from inventory and facility damage following the flood incident at its SA2 plant in December 2021. The incident also disrupted its sales operations in FY22.很有想法